Monday, October 12, 2009

Liveblogging p&p summit, day 1, intro & keynote

ZOMG it's Martin Fowler. Right now! I knew he'd be here, but, first! #fangrrrl

"We need to reduce our emphasis on quality so we can fit more features into the next release"? No, that's definitely never happened to me. Nope.

Attendance is way, way down compared to two years ago. Our own delegation this year is half the size (or smaller?) than ours then, and I'd really guess the overall crowd size is similarly proportioned. Which makes me wonder about last year (immediately mid-meltdown) when we couldn't attend at all. Don't know if it is valid to think of us as a bellwether.

Lord, this clacky Dell keyboard is already not making me any friends here.

Key concepts from the Martin Fowler leadoff keynote, part 1:

External quality, which is negotiable with the users/product owners (e.g., they get to prioritize bugs vs. new features), vs. internal quality (architecture), which really mustn't be.

Accidental complexity vs. essential complexity. Code debt!! Initial accidental complexity is the principal and working with the accidental complexity when implementing new features/changes is the interest. This impacts the effort required to do that new work. It isn't just "debt", it could be on the scale of a technical subprime mortgage. Not that I would know. Nope.

Debt planning (refer also to the debt payoff line graph):
Deliberate/prudent: "We must ship now and deal with the consequences"
Deliberate/reckless: "We don't have time for design"
Inadvertent/prudent: "Now we know how we should have done it"
Inadvertent/reckless: "What's layering?"

Event sourcing:
(This is relevant to my interests.)

We log all events in an insert-only store, and we trust our log, such that at any time we could rebuild the entire current application state (e.g., dB) by parsing the log. This also means we have a solid audit trail, and we could rebuild the entire historical state of the application (presumably someplace else) just by dialing back the date. Or diff two states. In other words, this stuff isn't just for version control systems any more.

Also useful for various other things which hopefully one of my colleagues took notes about. Oops. #shortattentionspan

OK, now there's a dude in front of me taking pictures of Martin Fowler. Unless he's part of Microsoft's PR division, that means I am not the only #fangrrrl in the room! I am sorely tempted to take a picture of him taking a picture.

Coffee time!

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