Monday, June 11, 2007

Great Experiments in Sexual Orientation

I would be gravely negligent, to the point of defeating the purpose of this blog, if I failed to ref Dan Savage's Slog post, Great Experiments in Cunnilingus, on the incredibly new! newsworthy! subject of normal! women experimenting with bisexuality.

Choicest quote:
The trend among college women has prompted some sexual behavior experts to light-heartedly refer to the term "LUG," or "lesbian until graduation...."
Funny, when the articles about this exact same new! newsworthy! subject came out about 20 years ago, and said the exact same thing, they didn't quite call them "LUGs". And no, what they called them then wasn't the original name for them, either.

Pretty much as long as there've been lesbians, there've been hasbians, by whatever name.

(I would normally directly reference the MSNBC article he's citing, but the Slog comment thread is worthwhile, too.)