Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gee! Mail!

Gmail works on my phone now. Word!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Women's Big Break/LPGA update

I'm relatively new to the world of spectating women's professional golf, so I have no idea whether this is how things usually go. It just seems like LPGA rookies shouldn't miss cuts on the FUTURES Tour.

Ashley Prange: T45, T32
Kristina Tucker: MC, T32

Maybe they're just not focusing on FUTURES events in their training/planning?? Jeanne Cho and Becky Lucidi haven't even competed on the FUTURES yet this season.

At least one former BB contestant is doing pretty well for herself:

Rachel Bailey: T20, T6 (#12 on money list)

Other BBers, so far:

Dana Lacey: T33, T9 (#17, not bad)
Ashley Gomes: MC, T43
Briana Vega: T45, MC
Bridget Dwyer: MC, T50

I had an epiphone about the utility of game shows like The Big Break, based on stuff they've mentioned in passing about some of the contestants on the show(s). In my prior post, I said there were perfectly good "legitimate" routes to the LPGA—the developmental tour and Q School—and while that's true, the problem is they're potentially very expensive. At least a couple of BBers have tried their luck at the game show because they couldn't afford to go pro.

And, it may yet turn out that the developmental tour entry fees in the prize package are a better career boost than the one-time exemptions.

Friday, April 06, 2007

A Picture Share!

Moblogging this picture of Joe in Chapter, because I can.

(Open meeting, and we were in recess.)

A Picture Share!

So, Google says I can blog and photoblog from my phone. I haven't figured out whether or why I want to, but here goes.